Covid-19 AMSU

Simon Hall - Founder of Airway Medical

At present Project managing the Covid-19 specific AMSU, the CAMSU. see below for futher details.

Airway Medical Ltd is a not for profit company as of April 2020.

Ongoing developments include the AMSU tm; a novel, patent pending, portable suction medical device with disruptive global sales potential.
Recognised by Medilink SouthWest 2020 as an outstanding early stage innovation.
Clinical trial collaboration with University West of England ongoing.

Since gaining a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I have also completed another in Psychology.
I have worked in Project Management, Testing and Commissioning of multi-million pound projects including the Channel Tunnel, Waterloo Area Resignalling Scheme and Jubilee Line, London Underground.
Also, Service Engineering and Sales in a variety of Medical Device Companies over the last 25 years.
In my most recent salaried role, I converted an underperforming sales patch from 40% to greater than 95% customer base; increasing sales from £200,000 to over £600,000; without the benefit of any new products to sell for over a decade.

I left this Role in June 2019 to start my own business.

I am self funding a medical device program , currently in full prototype stage with patent pending. The intention is to reach commercialisation by the end of 2020, accessing the Vetrinary market initially.

'AMSU Tm is a novel, globally disruptive device for clearing blocked airways in emergency and chronic conditions. It looks like a sports bottle. It is as effective as and has numerous advantages over the best current technology. It has the potential to make current technology obsolete.

I have utilised business support from a number of organisations including Outset, Set Squared, EEN, AHSN, Business West, Innovate 2 Succeed, The Healthtec Hub , SIGHT Portsmouth, The Advanced Engineering Hub, Sheffield Catapult and Oxford Innovation.

I am looking toward raising capital, potentially via a Crowd Fund.

A joint Innovate grant application is being made with University West of England.

The company qualifies for SEIS funding.

I'm also looking for partners to take the device to market.

Innovative Medical Technology Design

Medilink 2020 Award Winner for Start up and Innovation

Airway Medical Ltd provides novel and disruptive medical devices to an International market.

The current project ‘Breathe’ is a disruptive, innovative device that has medical and industrial applications.
It provides emergency airway suction at the equivalent rate of current technologies, but at a fraction of the cost.
In comparison, it is much smaller and lighter, easier to use, has no ongoing maintenance issues, does not require electrical power and is waterproof.

The device is easily adaptable to provide variants for additional medical use, or for industrial applications, thus providing strong market penetration opportunities.

Collaborating with University West of England via Innovate Funding, to look at use within Care Homes as part of the Governments Grand Challenges.

The device is Patent Pending.

Breathe - Potential Applications

Breathe has multiple applications within the Medical and Industrial markets.

Medical includes Veterinary for Large and Small Animals. First Responders such as Defibrilator Boxes. Paramedics - Private, Charity (eg St Johns) and NHS. Other Emergency Services such as Coastguards , Air Ambulance and RNLI. Hospitals for Crash Trollies and Patient Transfers. Care Homes for Chronic and Emergency care. Leisure Facilities such as Swimming Pools. Corporate Buildings and Commercial Facilities such as Cafes and Bars. Domicilliary Market such as Home Care. MOD Battlefield Medics.

Breathe can provide emergency suction to clear blocked airways, enhance survival rates for tracheostomy patients or give respite for chronic conditions such a Cystic Fibrosis, Brain Injury and Dementia, amongst other medical scenarios.

Breathe can be adapted for specific scenarios and is also adjustable from 0 to 25 Liters per Minute flow at 0 to -50 KPa vacuum.

Breathe meets international standards for Laryngeal High, Low and Thoracic Suction.

Industrial applications would include any situation whereby a fluid needs to be removed from an awkward location
For Example:

 Deep Sea Oil Rigs

 Formula One Engines

Chemical Spillages in Laboratories

Hazardous Spillages in Industry

Collaboration Partners

I am working with the Healthtec Hub , based at UWE Campus, Bristol through their ERDF Funded Accelerator Program on design features.

Additionally, I am currently accepted onto the Bath Set Squared Advanced Engineering Accelerator Program, Sight at Portsmouth University and Innovate2Succeed2 through Business West.

I have completed a number of business focused seminars with Outset, Wessex AHSN, EEN, NIHR and Set Squared.

I have worked with Sirius IP, to gain a Patent Pending status for Breathe.

Allocate have provided 3D design and expertise in manufacturing processes.

Through Innovate 2 Succeed and the Healthcare Entrepenuers Program run by Wessex AHSN, I have been able to develop a comprehensive 5 year Business Plan, with a bespoke Financial package.

Clinical feasibility collaboration, looking at use within Care Homes as part of the Goverments Grand Challenge ongoing with University West of England.

Currently talking to commercial enterprises about a joint venture collaboration.

The Team

Simon Hall - Founder/Director/CTO

Engineer and Sales background. 35 years experience in the Healthcare Market. Inventor of 'Breathe' Airway Suction.

Alan Bec FRSA - Director/CEO

Local fellowship lead. Director of The Wib CIC and social enterprise NED roles

Carole Hall - Director/CFO

CFO for £10M wholesale business. Previously ran her own bookeeping and accountancy business.

Tony Hards - Allocate - Designer

Multi-Million Dollar comapny with a vast portfolio of bringing ideas to commercialisation.

Kathryn Butler - Sirius - IP

Attorney with several decades experience in Healthcare IP.

Dr Janice Kiely and Dr Richard Luxton - Directors of The HealthTec Hub, UWE, Bristol

Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities

I am currently looking for investment to continue the prototyping and develop the business.
I am keen to talk to any Health Tec Manufacturers/Distributors about potential Joint Ventures.

I have two manufacturers in ongoing discussions at present.
I'd like very much to hear from anyone who may end up using the device. Medical Professionals, Patients, Industry etc. The device is being developed and your input would be very welcome.

I am collaborating with Unversity West of England , looking at use of Breathe and outcomes in care homes.

Covid-19 AMSU

A novel approach to the Governments call for a repsonse to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I have put together a team of people to produce a 3D Print version of the AMSU to be directly connected to genric collection jars as used in hospitals and by the emergency services.

The Device (Covid-19 AMSU) is 90% cheaper, 95% smaller and 99% lighter than an electric/battery suction unit.

The photo shows a commonly used Electric/Battery Suction unit on the left v the Covid-19 AMSU on the right. Everything you see on the right directly replaces everything on the left. It works just as efficiently and meets international standards.

It is hoped to have a fully compliant device by the end of June 2020 being despatched to clinicians.


In April 2020, as part of the governments Covid Response Call, we began work on a Covid-19 Specific AMSU, the CAMSU.

The intention is to provide a back-up wall suction unit to the NHS Free of Charge via a Crowdfunder.

To maintain integrity and financial oversight; I'm very pleased to have taken advice and established Airway Medical Ltd as a Not for Profit Company. 

At present it is limited by shares; this will be changed to limited by guarantee; the usual format for such ventures. 

Pictured is a MK4 prototype of CAMSU device. There is a team of experts working pro-bono or at cost to expedite the successful provision of free units to the NHS. The team includes The University of Portsmouth Engineering Dept, The Queen Alexandra Hospital, The Bristol Royal Infirmary, the MIT advanced Engineering Hub, Manufacturers, Distributors and a plethora of highly qualified Clinicians and Business Experts.

The materials are being financed through

The more we raise, the more units are supplied free. Simples!

A new company has been formed; Airway Medical International Ltd. This will be the new commericial venture going forwards.

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